Things You Should Avoid While In A Taxi


It is important to note that, when you hire a taxi back home that, those taxi drivers work for so many hours in a day with little reward to show; some of them have been lifting heavy suitcases to and from the trunk the whole day which has left them tired and exhausted. And that is the more reason you should try to avoid making them annoyed when you hire their taxis. taxi-cab2

Here are some of the annoying things you should avoid doing when you hire a taxi.

Avoid Treating the Driver Like Your Servant

Be respectful when you approach the taxi driver for a ride home. There are those customers who whistle to the drivers as if they were dogs. Approach the driver with the human respect they deserve. And when you enter the car, try and greet the driver before you start ordering him around. If you start by barking orders without greetings, it will create a charged atmosphere from the word go, and you won’t enjoy the ride at all. The best thing to do is, wave down the driver using your hand to stop him or to attract his attention; when they stop, look them in the eyes and greet them; that is what civilized human beings do.52

Avoid Stopping Cabs For Walkable Distances

If your distance is short, don’t disturb a taxi driver to drop you. And if you have to due to unavoidable circumstances, pay him three times what you would have paid him were the meter on. This will make them feel appreciated, and you should remember they too have bills to pay, so pay as if you were the one going to use the money to pay the bills at the end of the month.

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