Kik Messenger Vs Whatsapp


Kik messenger is a platform which helps you to communicate with your friends, relatives and other people around the globe. While WhatsApp is also an instant messaging platform but the communication is only possible if we know the contact number of that person. But in Kik users can chat with other people based on your username as well. Please read this article thoroughly to learn the essential difference among this platforms.


  • The KIK messenger has not asked your mobile number to register even though you can enter the name on a freeway which makes it entirely different from other apps which are always asking for mobile numbers.
  • The other useful feature is group chat .you can send the same message to different people at the same time all you need to do is create a group and add your friends and close ones to the group and share your feelings and funny things.
  • The other feature involved is receiving the notifications of when you send and receive messages.
  • Both the platforms are entirely free.
  • You don’t need the sim card to verify in KIK messenger, but sim verification is required in WhatsApp.
  • Both the agent are quite secure and reliable.

The significant difference from other messaging applications in any platform of mobile is that it won’t use your cell phone number; instead, it allows you to choose a user name with which you can be searched for in the messenger by your friends. These kik usernames are used to find anyone whom you might know. Your unique kik usernames are your identity in the Kik messenger. While kik girls is a place to find girls and chat with them instantly.

So these are some of the top fundamental differences between Kik and WhatsApp. It is recommended to use both the apps so that you won’t miss any features.

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