Cremation: A Popular Burial Alternative

Death, or the passing of a loved one, such as family and friends, or even people whom you barely know, would always be a sad occurrence for a lot of people. Despite being inevitable, it is a phase that people try their very best to avoid throughout their lives. While there may be many means for one to delay its onset, such as being careful and taking extra precautions while on the road or when going out of the house, and eating healthy foods and taking supplements, death would always be inevitable. 001_cremation-1

Disposal of bodies is the primary concern of the loved ones that have been left by those who passed away. Apart from the traditional burial, the second most chosen means of disposing the body with respect and dignity is through cremation.cremation_chamber

What is Cremation?

This is a type of body disposal or treatment that involves subjecting the corpse into a furnace that evaporates its internal organs and other flesh to temperatures as high as several hundred to thousands of degrees, reducing the corpse to merely bones and other stray metals that may have been implanted while he or she was still living.

After the burning process, the bones are sorted out from other rouge materials such as metals, and after which, goes through a grinding process that transforms bones into “ashes” that are placed in urns.

After the Cremation

Ones the bones have already been pulverized, they are then placed inside an urn, and are either scattered in a garden, in open waters, or are kept in homes of the loved ones. This process is one which is optional and is slightly less expensive than that of the traditional burial, and is viewed as a practical alternative, but its availability is dependent on the place, as other towns do not have cremation facilities.