What is BiteHunter

BiteHunter is a real-time deal aggregator with an emphasis on dining and restaurant deals.

How does it work?

BiteHunter, with it's advanced search engine, scours the web and social media channels to find only the best dining deals around and display then in real-time.

Why choose our API?

BiteHunter is the leading aggregator of dining deals in the United States. So not only do we have more deals than anybody else, we strive to maintain only the most beneficial and qualitative deals around.

With BiteHunter, you not only receive the best deals, you pass on the best deals to your customers. We are excited that you have decided to use BiteHunter's API.

The BiteHunter API allows your customers to search and display all of our deals through your website or app; you can even develop your own exciting new extensions and apps with the BiteHunter API. Whether you're a travel site that wants to provide dining deals to your customers in cities across the US, or you are a deal site wanting to increase the amount of deals provided to your customers, BiteHunter can help strengthen your client base by providing your customers with a one-stop location for all of their dining needs.

Simply read over our Terms of Agreement and our Branding Requirements, before applying for your API key. Once your API key is registered with us, you can find some helpful support in the following API Documentation.

We are excited to work with you, and encourage you to send any questions or comments to api@bitehunter.com.

Some of our current API partners:

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