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targeted traffic

A web site is a very common word that we all come across today. It is a collection of web pages related to each other which also include multimedia content as well. It is made accessible via a public IP network i.e. though LAN or the internet. All the web site developers while developing the web site keep in mind the targeted traffic and develop it accordingly. It refers to the data that is received and sent by the visitors to a web site. Web traffic is usually determined by the number of pages that the visitors of a website visit.targeted trafficThere are certain specific ways to monitor the traffic of a web site as it is really necessary to keep an eye as all the traffic is not safe. Thus, monitoring the traffic helps in gathering the data required for trouble shooting and highlighting the problems that occur due to it. Many web sites opt for various ways to increase web traffic on their website by paying and offering advertisements and for screen space on the site. As the traffic that a web site gets is directly related to its popularity, there are web analytics especially for the purpose to look after the short coming and improve them.targeted trafficFor security purposes, sometimes certain parts of a web site are protected by passwords by the developers and only the authorized people are allowed to access those parts. Thus, by limiting the access for the traffic, security may not be compromised with. Search engines are the greatest source of driving in web traffic. Keywords and algorithms help the users to fin the required information about websites and links to visit the. This serves the purpose of both the user to find relevant information and the website to maintain a record of the visitors.

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