How To Paint A Room Professionally 

This is a guide on how to paint a room by the Weiler Painting professionals. Learn how you can paint a room on the ceiling, walls and even trim. They will be able to give you tips on how to plan for your paint project, how to buy the paint and the cleaning thereafter. They are professionals who know everything that pertains to wall painting.

Tools To Have

Some of the main tools to have when planning for a wall painting job includes but not limited to: paint thinner, mineral spirits, hand soap, drop clothes, roller cover and frames, safety  glasses, shop vacuum, sponges,work gloves, sand paper, roller covers and frame, plastic putty knife and rags.

Buying The Paint

You will have to calculate how much paint is required to paint your room. 400 square feet require one gallon. So to get the amount of paint you need, you will have to multiply the height times the length to get its square footage for all the walls you want to paint and then total it up. When doing the trim, you will have to multiply the length in feet by 5 to get the width. If you are going to use more than one gallon of paint, it is important that you get a bigger container where you can mix it in order to get color consistency.

Planning of  the Wall Painting

Weiler painting

When you are planning to paint a whole room, you need some prior planning because it might take you a couple of days for the job to get finished. When you plan, it will enable you to plan and make sure that you have plenty of ventilation when working so that you don’t inhale in the wall paints.  When you start painting, plan in such a way that you start painting from the top to the bottom. If you have to do the walls and the ceilings, start with the ceiling, then the walls and finish with the trim. That way, you will have a neat job at the end of it all.

The Cutting In

When it is time for cutting, get a small paint bucket as it is much easier and lighter to handle as compared to something big; this will make it easy for you when doing the up and down movement.

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